Mission Statement

Our vision:

“To inspire children to become outstanding learners who, in turn, inspire others to learn.”

At our school, all children will have the opportunity to become enthusiastic learners as they continue their educational journey in a safe and inspiring setting.

Guided by our Christian values of Trust, Peace and Fellowship, children at our school will develop the skills they need to help them reach their full potential. 

In order to meet these aspirations, pupils will receive excellent and inspiring teaching and wide ranging and rich learning opportunities.


Our Mission:

To be recognised as an outstanding school by 2019.

Our values and ethos:

Ensure everyone has an EQUAL OPPORTUNITY, whatever their starting point, to progress and reach their full potential.

Provide a SAFE, HAPPY and INSPIRING school environment

Promote a FAMILY culture, where children are NURTURED and feel SECURE.

To INSPIRE a love of learning and to encourage our pupils to in turn INSPIRE others to learn.

Ensure our Cristian values of TRUST, PEACE and FELLOWSHIP are enshrined throughout our school.

To promote  values of TEAMWORK and SUPPORT  and build a feeling of SELF WORTH and COMMUNITY for our children.

Provide OPPORTUNITIES  to pursue individual interests within a RICH curriculum.

Encourage personal values of HONESTY and RESPECT for others and our environment.

Ensure TOLERANCE for others and those with different faiths, beliefs, and physical abilities.